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PamiÍci profesora Andrzeja Bylickiego i doktora Janusza ©acha

Last months, painful losses have been suffered by the Polish National Committee for CODATA: two of its outstanding Members, Prof. DSc. Andrzej Maria Bylicki (1916-2010) and PhD Janusz ©ach (1934-2011), have passed away. Both they were well known also among the international CODATA community.

Prof. A.M. Bylicki was a highly valued specialist in physical chemistry, author of numerous publications concerning the thermodynamics of phase equilibria, chemistry of carbon compounds, thermodynamic data for carbon compounds technology, etc. Since 1956 he was employed at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw where for many years he headed the Department of Physical Chemistry of Basic Organic Stocks, and also he closely collaborated with the Department of Petro- and Carbo-Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gliwice. Prof. A. Bylicki was one of the first scientists who initiated the CODATA activity in Poland; he chaired the Polish National Committee for CODATA in the years 1978-1997; he also was elected a member of the Executive Board (1980) and a Vice-President (1984) of CODATA. Till the last years, Prof. Bylicki aided the Polish National Committee for CODATA activity by his experience. He will be remembered not only due to his eminent professional merits but also due to his extremely friendly relation to his colleagues and collaborators.

Dr Janusz ©ach, a lawyer by education, specialized in international law, was highly by the Authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences valued as an experienced specialist in important organizational undertakings realization. His organizational talents, in particular, could be appreciated and highly estimated during the organization of the International Conference and celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Polonium and Radium, held in Warsaw in1998. He was many times nominated the Member of the Polish National Committee for ICSU. Since the early years of the Polish National Committee for CODATA activity Dr J. ©ach, many times nominated its Member and Secretary, actively participated in its organizational works. He was a very effective co-organizer of the meeting of the Executive Board of CODATA in Warsaw, 2004. His personal merits: high culture, sense of duty, subtle sense of humour, etc. earned him many friends in the scientific community.

CODATA Executive Board meeting in Warsaw; 2004.

From the left:
Dr Robert Chen, CODATA general secretary
Dr Janusz ©ach, secretary PKN CODATA
Prof. Suichi Iwata, President CODATA
Prof. Andrzej Bylicki

Juliusz Lech Kulikowski

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